For centuries, churches have celebrated the final week of Jesus’ life by remembering, re-living, and celebrating these 7 days. At RiverCross Church, we believe these days are a unique opportunity to understand Jesus better and grow in our faith more deeply.

7DAYS Guide – This bookmark guide will help give context to each of the days and prompt reflection on what Jesus endured for us.
> Holy Week – 7Days Handout

Palm Sunday Service – 9:30am, March 20 at Shannon Ranch School
Maundy Thursday Service – 6:30pm, March 24 at the Ogletree’s Home
Good Friday – 5:30pm, March 25 at Radiant Church
Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt – 9:00am, Saturday, March 26 at Shannon Ranch School
Easter – 9:30am, March 27 at Bennetts Ranch