The six weeks of Lent offer us time to take new steps in a relationship with Jesus. We hope that you can use the following resources and plans and ideas to step further in your faith. Whether you’ve known Jesus for years or are just now meeting Jesus, these steps can do amazing things for anyone. Join others in these steps during Lent.

1 : READ
Reading the Bible–especially about the life of Jesus–can do so much. We get to know God better, we hear Jesus’ words to us, and we connect truth with our own lives. Read one chapter a day through the life of Jesus. See the bookmark for daily readings. Even if you start partway through or if you miss a day, don’t worry and start with the current day. The goal is to read, not to be perfect.

2 : PRAY
Praying lets us talk to God, hear from God, and know God better. Whether praying brief prayers at random times or routine prayers at scheduled times, praying is so good to walk in step with God and God’s ways. See the bookmark for daily prayer ideas throughout these weeks. Sometimes our prayers make a huge difference in someone’s life that we don’t realize at the time.

3 : MOVE
Getting out and seeing new things prompts us our faith to do new things. Try out one of the following ideas by yourself or with others to spark your faith.
  > take a prayer walk and try out these ideas
  > follow through the stations of the cross