BrilliantBible-Logo-FBLiveThere are loads of ways the Bible to describe the Bible: long, interesting, confusing, surprising, mysterious, life-changing, and so many more.

How about “brilliant”? In many ways and on many levels, the Bible is brilliant. Throughout 2022, we’re exploring the Bible section by section, starting in the beginning. There are sermons that go all the way through, a simple 5-day/week reading plan to cover the whole Bible, and additional steps toward seeing the Bible as truly brilliant.

Jesus said: You are my disciples if you live in my word.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
(John 8:31-32)

Having the Bible always with you (on your phone or tablet) makes reading it easier. Pull it out when you’re waiting for an appointment or have a free few minutes.
bibleapp  Use the popular YouVersion Bible App:  Apple  |  Android
bibleproject  Try the new BibleProject App:  Apple  |  Android

Reading the whole Bible in one year is a large undertaking, and it involves reading 3 or 4 chapters each day, every day. For some people, this works. For others, it doesn’t. We’re using the 1 chapter/day, 5 day/week reading plan. It still captures the whole story of the Bible in a less-demanding format.
> Download the bookmarks, save your place as you read
> Download a new screen background weekly, make it your lock/home screen
Week beginning:    June 5    June 12    June 19    June 26
Week beginning:    July 3    July 10    July 17    July 24    July 31
Week beginning:    Aug 7    Aug 14    Aug 21    Aug 28

3. MEMORIZE THE BIBLE (just parts of it)
One of the best ways to use the Bible all of the time is to have it with us wherever we go–in our minds. Here’s a short list of some of the best verses to keep top of mind.

Reading the Bible is better together: we get more out of it, we ask better questions, and we hear more insights. Who can you read with? A spouse, family, friends, a group you already get together with, a Bible study group, or a brand new friend or couple of friends who keep each other reading…