At RiverCross Church, we think about our faith in terms of stepping in.

Because God took the first step in showing unconditional love to everyone through Jesus, we can then step in every day through what we say and do (1 John 4:9-12). Stepping in to faith in Jesus Christ means starting a relationship with Jesus or taking steps further into that relationship. Find out more by reading about what it means to Step In To Faith.

Stepping in to RiverCross Church means we commit to several areas:

  • worship – we worship to give God glory
  • connect – we connect deeply to Christ and each other
  • serve – because Jesus serves us, we serve others around us
  • pray – we pray together each week
  • Bible – we read, study, and strive to follow God’s teaching

We trust there are steps that God has in store for all of us. If God uses RiverCross Church to play a part in your faith, it would be a privilege. Drop us a note.

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