RiverCross Church meets at the Schoolhouse at Demaree Church at 9:30am each Sunday morning.
3011 N. Demaree Street (northeast corner of Demaree and Riggin)
> All ages worship together, including children. Activities related to the morning’s theme are designed for younger children.
> Participation, not perfection, is our hope. There are parts of each service anyone can take and lead.
> Service lasts about one hour
> We encourage a healthy community–both spiritually and physically. In addition to following the guidelines of Jesus for our lives, we also strive to love each other by following health guidelines for a safe community. We purify the air in our indoor space, we welcome mask-wearing if you prefer, and we respect the health decisions of everyone gathering together.


Worship is casually reverent, meaning that we dress comfortably and casually while maintaining a high level of respect and honor for what we do when we gather, which is worship God.

Worship is biblically rich, meaning that everything we do is guided by and connected to the Bible, including music, readings, sermon, and even next steps and takeaways. You’re even welcome to bring a Bible if you like.

Worship is widely relatable, meaning that we strive for worship to connect with all of us where we are. We want everyone–students in school, retirees at home or on the road, individuals in professions, and families on the go–to be able to relate to the clear language and vital message of Jesus when we worship.


> Watch online on Sundays at 9:30am
> View past livestreams and sermons