Worship is how we step in
to God’s great love for us.

Everyone is always welcome to worship at RiverCross. Here’s what we strive for when we worship:

  • Worship is casually reverent. We dress comfortably and casually while maintaining a high level of respect for worshiping God.
  • Worship is biblically rich. Everything we do–singing, praying, Bible reading, preaching, giving, and more–needs to be guided by the Bible. (you’re welcome to bring a Bible if you like)
  • Worship is widely relatable. We keep language simple and focus on big truths so that everyone–students, retirees, individuals, couples, and families–can connect to the vital message of Jesus.

9:30am, Sundays
The Schoolhouse at Demaree Church
3011 N. Demaree Street
(corner of Demaree St. & Riggin Ave.)


What we believe is more than a set of statements; it forms how we live. Feel free to explore our shared beliefs on many of the biggest ideas of our faith.

Join RiverCross on Sunday at 9:30am.

Missed a Sunday? Need a sermon?

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