At RiverCross Church, we think about following Jesus in terms of stepping in. Just like we take steps toward improving, learning, growing, and understanding, we also take steps in following Jesus. Because following Jesus is a simple step of faith (although, it’s a big one, too), we’ve developed a way of talking about it and hope it’s helpful:

Look through, read, print, and even share our way of describing how to Step In To Follow Jesus.

We also step in to faith in Jesus together. That means that church is important to all of us. We talk about stepping in to RiverCross in three main ways:

  • worship – we worship to give God glory
  • connect – we connect deeply to Christ and each other
  • serve – because Jesus serves us, we serve our community

We trust there are steps that God has in store for all of us.

If God uses RiverCross Church to play a part in your faith, it would be a privilege.