This week before Easter is “holy” because it is “special.” It’s set apart from other weeks because of what it anticipates and celebrates. We are hosting several events and gatherings to mark the special moments of this week.


GOOD FRIDAY – 7:00pm, April 15th – The Schoolhouse (3011 N. Demaree St.)
Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (March 2nd) and ends on Maundy (Thursday, April 14th).

EASTER – April 17, 2022
> Sunrise Service, 6:15am – The Schoolhouse Lawn 
Early on Sunday morning, we gather as the sun is rising to worship along with the discovery that Jesus’ tomb was empty.
Worship Service, 9:30am – The Schoolhouse – Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and the the impact on us, with music, Bible, and a message about faith and our lives today.